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Low chrome steel ball product performance introduction and applicable industries

2022-06-27 10:56:22

Low chrome ball is a kind of steel ball, because of its cheap price, it attracts a large number of small domestic mineral processing plants, as well as some power plants grinding coal also use low chrome ball.   

Low-chromium balls are produced by medium-frequency electric furnace melting, metal mold or sand casting, so domestic wear-resistant material manufacturers are often called low-chromium alloy cast balls. Steel balls with chromium content ≤ 3.0% and carbon content between 1.80% and 3.30% are low-chromium balls, and the standard requires that the hardness (HRC) of low-chromium balls must be ≥ 45 degrees or more, and it is recommended that heat treatment tempering or vibration aging treatment must be used to ensure the quality of low-chromium balls. If the test hardness (HRC) is below 40 degrees, it means that the low-chromium ball hardness is insufficient or over-burned.

Low chrome ball is suitable for small and medium-sized ball mill, in such specifications ball mill use, there will be no large area broken, lost round situation, and in large ball mill, especially in the semi-autogenous mill, because the low chrome ball raw materials and production process determines its impact toughness is relatively low, the use effect is very poor compared with forged steel ball, forged steel ball impact toughness is low chrome ball about 5 times, domestic and foreign semi-autogenous mill are using forged steel ball.

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