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Features of wear resistant steel balls

2022-06-27 11:03:39

Wear-resistant steel ball is a kind of crushing medium in ball mill, used to crush the material in the mill. It is widely used in cement construction, gold mining, flue gas desulfurization, chemical industry, magnetic materials, thermal power generation, pellet mines and so on. Because the wear-resistant steel balls are widely used, the manufacturers will be more and more, but we still need to find a company that is assured, then we should know some characteristics about the wear-resistant steel balls.

Wear-resistant steel balls are produced by forging in the early days, and the step is heating, using fuel (coal or natural gas) to a specific temperature, then forging with an air hammer, and then heat treatment to form. It has the following advantages: compared to the traditional process, it increases the production efficiency, reduces the workload and environmental pollution, and also reduces a lot of production costs. For the size of the ball is also limited, more than ninety millimeters in diameter steel ball has been basically can not be produced. Followed by the rotary cutting and rolling forging process, mainly due to the development of the mining industry demand for larger size ball mills and wear-resistant balls, using medium frequency & high frequency induction electric furnace heating technology, while the fuel has electric heating furnace more instead of the previous coal and natural gas, greatly reducing consumption costs and production time, is a production process of the current market demand.

In the next few years of development, our company will also research better technology so that we will produce better wear-resistant steel balls.

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