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We have enough experience, knowledge, facilities and experts to provide outstanding products to customers around the world.

Our company firmly believes that the needs of our customers are paramount, and our entire team is dedicated to providing high-quality products to meet those needs.

We have complete mechanics and physics laboratories, impact testing machines, drop weight testing machines, optical microscopes and other testing equipment

We prove our professionalism by getting products certified.

Our products are exported to more than ten countries and regions in the world.

Have many years of experience

We are able to respond to drastic market trends by conducting actionable industry analysis.

We have a professional team

Our team consists of design department, R&D department and other departments

Sold all over the world

Our products have been top sellers for many years and have been exported to overseas markets.

We have our own factory

Stable product quality, advanced production technology, specialized large-scale production.

A solution that takes your further

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  • No.10-1 Xiangyang Industry Park, Huashi Town, Jiangyin, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
  • +86-(0510)-8637 0200
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