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Key Factors Determining the Performance of Steel Balls

2022-06-27 10:49:21

The manufacturing process of steel balls is the key factor that determines their service life. If there are defects in the surface or internal manufacturing of steel balls, such as shrinkage, cracking, crystal penetration, etc., it will not only reduce the performance of steel balls, but even cause them to break. Therefore, a reasonable forging, casting and heat treatment process must be developed in the production of steel balls.

For example, for high chromium cast iron ball, should be used and reasonable use of external cooling iron, and strict control of casting temperature and other measures, so that the steel ball in the casting has a good solidification sequence and shrinkage conditions, and then get a dense internal organization, and weaken the phenomenon of coarse grains. The heat treatment process of the steel ball determines the mechanical properties and the distribution of carbide morphology. 

Since the composition of the steel ball contains a certain amount of chromium and other alloying elements, how to make these alloying elements to form a hard point carbide role is also a factor to consider when developing the heat treatment process.

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