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How do the cast steel parts casting manufacturers avoid defects in the mill plate?

2023-02-17 10:53:09

What are the methods of forming rolling mill plate castings? Xiaobian to introduce you to.

1. Large cast steel parts can be divided into sand type, metal type, ceramic type, clay type and graphite type according to the material used.

2. According to the different ways of filling the steel of the mill plate with cast steel, it can be divided into gravity casting. The liquid metal fills the cavity by its own gravity, low-pressure casting, pinch casting, pressure casting, etc.

3. Treatment and inspection of large cast steel parts. Mill plate casting processing includes removal of foreign matter from the core and casting surface, removal of straight sprue and riser, shovel grinding burrs, grinding and other protrusions, heat treatment, shaping, rust prevention and rough machining.

4. Ordinary sand casting steel, including wet sand, dry sand and chemical hardening sand.

5. to the casting metal melting and pouring of metal materials mainly include cast iron, cast steel and casting non-ferrous alloys.

Cast steel parts casting manufacturers in the production of rolling mill plaque, sometimes there are defects, once the defects are not dealt with, it will be directly unable to play the various functions of the rolling mill plaque. Cast steel parts casting manufacturers in order to reduce the defects of the mill plate castings, we need to reduce production errors in the production of castings, so as to better improve the function and quality of castings.

In order to reduce the defects of the mill plate castings, the following treatments must be done:

1) Try to avoid large horizontal surface of cast steel parts;

2) cast steel parts on the plane wall of the cast hole should be reinforced with convex edges to reduce the wall thickness;

3) mill stand cast steel cooling should be as short as possible to shorten the organization;

4) mill stand cast steel parts in the waterway, airway and other large area sandwich cavity should have a number of connecting columns.

Cast steel parts casting manufacturers to reduce the defects of the mill stand cast steel parts, must do a good job of the above treatment, so as to produce excellent quality, guaranteed cast steel parts, the progress of our economic interests will be more and more guaranteed. This will make the function of cast steel parts better.

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