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Product Selection Tips: What is 304 stainless steel ball?

2022-11-18 11:07:30

304 stainless steel is believed to be no stranger to this material because of its special stability is often used in containers for holding food or drinking water such as insulated pots or steamers. But 304 stainless steel ball for most people are unknown area, so 304 stainless steel ball is used in what exactly?

, medical equipment

304 stainless steel ball is now on the market a higher utilization rate of a steel ball products, many medical equipment inside or bearings are required to use 304 stainless steel ball.

Second, nail polish, perfume bottles

I do not know if you have paid attention to the nail polish and perfume at home, in fact, many nail polish and perfume bottles will be placed in the bottom of one or two 304 stainless steel balls, shaking the bottle, the steel ball can achieve the role of a stirrer, so that the color of nail polish more evenly, the perfume play more stable.

In fact, 304 stainless steel balls are also used in many of our daily life in common products, also has a great role in our lives.

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