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Hot Rolled Steel Balls

2022-06-27 10:07:53

Hot rolled steel ball is a new rolling process technology, is a technological breakthrough in the ball milling ball manufacturing industry, is gradually replacing the casting ball, hot rolled steel ball has the following characteristics.

One, hot rolled steel balls have all the advantages of steel, through heat treatment to become a high quality ball grinding ball

Second, high production efficiency, high output, ball rolling production mechanization, automation is very high, no manual operation of the production chain, using less people, human factors interference is small.

Third, stable quality, high hardness, good hardenability, dense metallographic organization, fine grain, no deformation, the steel ball from beginning to end will not be deformed, not out of round, good wear resistance, impact toughness up to 12-35J/cm2, the crushing rate of less than 1%.

Fourth, low energy consumption, no pollution, low labor intensity, low production costs

Fifth, good forming, small geometric tolerance, stable quality.

Sixth, low wear rate, long service life, is the existing casting iron balls, forged steel balls 2-5 times, and the price is comparable.

Seven, the hardness of the steel ball can reach 60 ~ 67HRC, balanced hardness inside and outside, hardness difference <5HRC.

Eight, impact toughness of 12 ~ 35J/cm3.

Nine, the specific gravity (7.8 ~ 7.85J/cm3).

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