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  • Technology Center

    HUAZHENG has established a specialized engineering and technological research center for researching and developing new grinding media and other products. In addition, we have built a long term industry-study-research cooperation relationship with China Southeast University (SEU), which will offer reliable technological support to stabilize and enhance product quality.

    Our technical team consists of 6 professional technicians. Their work is to constantly complete our production technology and research microstructure of our grinding media including hot rolled steel grinding balls and grinding cylpebs. Through our understanding that the mining industry requires larger size ball mills and milling media, we are now developing the large size grinding balls which come with large radius up to 150mm. Roundness and hardness can all meet higher grinding requirements.

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  • Production Equipment

  • With full automatic walking beam heating furnace, temperature and speed can be controlled during the process of round steel heating, making sure that temperature difference among round steel head, middle and tail does not exceed 10℃ and the temperature difference between center and surface is at most 5℃.

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  • Test Equipment

  • In HUAZHENG, product tests are carried out throughout the whole production process. Therefore, the quality of our steel grinding media is traceable. We have established complete quality control system, built advanced grinding steel balls R&D center, and equipped a large amount of test equipment such as optical spectrum analyzers (OSA), Olympus high magnification metallographic microscope, Rockwell apparatus with digital display, full automatic metal pendulum bob impact testing machine, falling ball testing machine, etc.

    These state-of-the-art test equipment offer the most powerful guarantee to our product quality. Some test reports can be downloaded here. SGS Test Report; Metallographic Structure Test Report

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