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1. Technical Support
For the customers who are in startup time, we can provide reliable technical supports and help you select the most appropriate grading and quantity solution of grinding balls. This can considerably reduce your investment cost and risk. To make sure that we can better serve you, please offer following information.
1) The scale of mineral products to be ground and ore hardness (or cement and coal plants);
2) Consumption of mineral (or cement and coal);
3) Technical parameters of your ball mills;
4) Working conditions

For the customers who are in production, we can provide samples and test reports for free. You can make a comparison between our grinding media and others' so that you can find the optimal grinding solution for your industry. This is extremely helpful for improving your industrial competitiveness. Please contact us as soon as possible to obtain free samples.

2. Service Commitment
HUAZHENG sincerely makes following commitments on the basis of mutual trust and development.
1) We are in strict accordance with the contract. The quality of our grinding media balls and cylpebs is in complete conformity with the standards of YB/T091-2005 and other relevant national standards.
2) We strictly follow the standards of ISO9001, achieving traceable quality control from contract review, raw materials purchase through to finished product test.
3) According to the requirements of different customers and taking some actual conditions such as ore hardness and ball mill size into consideration, we will freely offer perfect grinding balls solutions and related technical supports, for the purpose of providing customers with the most effective grinding media solutions.

3. Service Contents
If there are small batch of grinding balls or cylpebs which are found unqualified in use, HUAZHENG promises to send you the qualified batch for free. Generally, the new batch of grinding media will be sent to you in next delivery for reducing freight of both sides.

According to customers' requirements, we can appoint technicians to the working site to handle the problems of grinding ball quality and properties found in installation and trial run.