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In the long run, the effectiveness of a grinding ball relies on how much the materials can be effectively ground by each ton, and each ton costs a certain amount of money. We offer the best grinding steel balls with uniform hardness from the surface to the core. Because we use best-in-class rolling technology, our grinding balls come with uniform loss from the beginning of its service life to the end, which leads to a balanced proportion in the mill, a longer lasting shape, and a longer grinding time, which saves you money.

Our advanced production mode and raw materials ensure constant geometric tolerance and product structure accuracy, which are key factors to ensure the grinding material is reliable, has a stable performance, and a long service life. In addition, all of our materials are all subject to strict tests in order to guarantee that their performance can be in line with the customer's needs.

Our strict quality control is embodied by the following standards:

Our grinding balls have precise specifications and are all rolled from high carbon alloy round steels that are customized by the Shagang Group, the largest private iron and steel enterprise in our province. Its technological equipment has reached an international advanced level.

Our professional technicians enforce strict inspections on each batch of round steel balls and record the results in order to ensure high uniformity of raw materials.

We eliminate the head and tail from each batch of steel. This effectively avoids negative influences caused by defects of the head and tail of the batch of round steel.

We employ fully automatic grinding material production lines. The technical parameters on these lines are controlled by computer and the equipment is driven by variable frequency motors. This achieves a real temperature and speed control, as well as real-time monitoring, which maximizes the quality of our products.

Advanced waste heat quenching equipment assures grinding balls have the right physical structure and hardness. In order to meet our customer's high standards for hardness, we utilize an annealing furnace in order to achieve temperature equalization, which ensures high hardness.

We own chemical, mechanical and physical property labs and fully automatic sample processing centers. Each of our grinding balls and grinding cylpebs go through various tests, making sure that the quality is controlled by our company.