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Currently, HUAZHENG owns 7 high tech full automatic grinding balls production lines which can produce 150,000 tons of steel balls every year. In these production lines, technological parameters are controlled by computers and motors are all frequency variable. Thus, temperature and speed control as well as real time monitoring to grinding media can be indeed made, maximally ensuring quality stability.

1. Walking Beam Heating Furnace

With full automatic walking beam heating furnace, temperature and speed can be controlled during the process of round steel heating, making sure that temperature difference among round steel head, middle and tail does not exceed 10℃ and the temperature difference between center and surface is at most 5℃.

2. Steel Balls Rolling Mill

Best-in-class steel balls rolling mill employs automatic system control, thus producing precise steel grinding ball diameter and type, and ensuring stable and efficient production.

3. Quenching Equipment

Mature inline quenching equipment from rolling heat brings grinding steel balls appropriate physical structure and hardness.

4. Annealing Furnace

To meet user's requirements for higher hardness, HUAZHENG utilizes annealing furnace to implement annealing treatment to steel balls, thus achieving temperature equalization and ensuring higher hardness.

5. Automatic Packing

Due to automatic packing unit, the whole milling media production line can save a large amount of labor.