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Grinding Balls and Cylpebs Applications in Power Plants

Currently, thermal power generation is the major method in China and many countries in the world for producing electricity. In China, particularly, the annual consumption of coal used for power generation exceeds 1 billion tons. Therefore, higher coal fineness that ensures more sufficient combustion is of vital importance for energy saving. Ball milling for coal before combusting is an excellent way to enhance its fineness. It can crush the coal, increasing its contact area with oxygen.

HUAZHENG provides high quality grinding steel balls and cylpebs for power plants and coal milling plants. These ball mill grinding media enable more fine coal grinding, thus ensuring more sufficient combustion and pollution reduction. The specifications of grinding balls for coal rely on the rotating speed and internal structure of your ball mills. If you want to select the grinding steel balls that are suitable for your ball mills, our technicians can give you better suggestions.