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Grinding Balls and Cylpebs Applications in Cement Plants

Ball mill is one of the major grinding equipment in current cement industry. According to incomplete statistics, the ball mills operated in global cement industry reach 44,000 units, and the energy consumption of ball mills occupies 65-75% of the total energy consumption in cement production process. So, improving production efficiency of ball mills is quite important for enterprises in cement industry to save energy and increase benefits.

Utilizing premium abrasion resistant steel grinding balls and cylpebs to improve grinding capacity of ball mills is a general conclusion of many enterprises by means of practice, especially for large scale grinding system. HUAZHENG low loss grinding balls are ideal grinding media for you in that they enable you to effectively stabilize grading, reduce replacement number of times and enhance ball mill running rate, thus ensuring long term stable operation and higher output.

A survey shows that the grinding balls designed by HUAZHENG can increase the output of ball mills by 2-5%, hence greatly improving comprehensive benefits of cement industry. If you are looking for the best steel balls for grinding work in cement production, HUAZHENG is you optimal choice. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.