HUAZHENG Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiangyang Industrial Zone, Huashi Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

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  • Company Profile

    HUAZHENG is a Chinese professional manufacturer of grinding materials. We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of grinding balls and grinding cylpebs that are used in a variety of industries such as mineral separation, cement plants, power plants and more. We offer our customers a complete line of hot steel rolled balls as well as full technical support.

    Located in the beautiful city of Jiangyin in the Jiangsu Province, we enjoy incomparable geographical superiority over our competitors, including incredibly short distances to both ports and freeways. Our company covers 27,000 cubic meters, with 22,000 of that belonging to workshops and factories. We supply 14 different kinds of grinding balls that range in size from 20 millimeters to 125 millimeters, in order to meet your grinding needs.

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  • Quality Control

  • In the long run, the effectiveness of a grinding ball relies on how much the materials can be effectively ground by each ton, and each ton costs a certain amount of money. We offer the best grinding steel balls with uniform hardness from the surface to the core. Because we use best-in-class rolling technology, our grinding balls come with uniform loss from the beginning of its service life to the end, which leads to a balanced proportion in the mill, a longer lasting shape, and a longer grinding time, which saves you money.

    Our advanced production mode and raw materials ensure constant geometric tolerance and product structure accuracy, which are key factors to ensure the grinding material is reliable, has a stable performance, and a long service life. In addition, all of our materials are all subject to strict tests in order to guarantee that their performance can be in line with the customer's needs.

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  • Production Technology

  • The microstructure of grinding balls is the deciding factor on the level of resistance they have, which has a key impact on their service life. If there are any defects, such as a shrinkage cavity, cracks, or trans-granular fractures existing on the surface or interior of the steel ball, the performance of the grinding ball can be reduced, or even break the ball.

    It has been tested and proven that a high carbon martensitic structure comes with an outstanding wear resistance. In addition, tempered martensitic plus a small amount of austenitic structure presents an excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. How do we achieve this ideal structure? We use only the right material selection and proper manufacturing technology.

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  • Corporate Vision

  • Our mission is to provide timely provide customers with quality steel grinding ball solutions and services. We are committed to becoming the largest grinding material manufacturer in China. We benefit both our employees and customers with our high quality products. Our corporate vision is reflected in three aspects: talent strategy, quality concept and customer strategy.

    Talent Strategy
    We always bear in mind that the employees are the biggest asset to a company. We actively carry out talent strategy in order to guarantee that we have a first class management team that can give us the capability of continuous innovation and R&D for steel grinding material such as grinding material balls and grinding cylpebs.

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